Greenwashing- The Media Show

This short clip discusses the issue of greenwashing in the media and the way big companies spend millions of dollars to invest in the appearance of environmental sustainability. It achieves this by employing the same tactics used by these companies and turning them on their heads by showing the distractions, such as ‘Helvetica! Negative space! Brown ink! Beige paper with little flecks! Letterpressed art! Bird silhouettes! Pen and ink illustrations of bees!’ (comment made by YouTube user ‘Librarianavengers’) used by marketing teams to prevent already somewhat passive media watchers from asking questions. Hence, by setting the first scene in the ‘dark’ the figurative is made literal, because we, as consumers, are not shown the truth.

Importantly, it teaches students to be critical of everything they see or hear and this is ultimately what we need students to do in order to become analytical, critical thinkers.The fact that it questions media content and advertisements while using the same medium invites the viewer to question the motives of the critical video itself and demonstrates that anyone can post things on the internet without them being legitimate or factual. Moreover, it  would be effective to show to primary school students the video because they are exposed to these notions through engaging puppets that they may also use to voice controversial opinions in a non-threatening way.


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